Art director / photographer & retoucher: LEV VLÁSOV @lev_vlasov_
makeup and hair stylist: SLAVA KHRÁMOV @slava_khramov_
wardrobe stylist: LIANA KAZARIAN @lianaakazarian
model: JAIME TRAWALLY ALONSO @jaimeroloo
showroom: MARC JUAN COMUNICACIÓN @marcjuancomunicacion
We used to say hello and say "how are you?"
We are used to putting on social masks, because society dictates so.
We are used to taking on faith what is “good” and what is “bad” without critical analysis.
We are accustomed to bad news as something ordinary, constantly happening around, but when something happens to us, we feel helpless and alone.

All this is an illusion imposed on us by society and upbringing. In some parts of the world, the realisation that you are attracted to members of the same gender becomes a tragedy. Fear and vulnerability gives rise to "suppressed love"

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